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NEO Phone

Update: 2018/5/14      View:
  • Brand:    Bittel
  • Type:    62-S(V)

NEO’s Ultra thin design by Internationally renowned design firm, easily complements today’s modern guestroom. Its small footprint makes managing the desk space easy. The optional high powered mobile device charger provides guests with convenient fast USB Charging and the patented MCC (Multi Connector Charging) allows your guest to charge multiple devices without using their own cables.

Special Features:

Main Features:

 • Small, Sleek, Verstile and Very Functional.  • Full length faceplate for hotel’s logo and dial
 • High performance Speakerphone on base.
 • Two high powered USB charge ports (optional).  • Compatible with all major hotel PBX message waiting
 • Patented Multi Function Cable provides Apple Lighting
   Connector,  Apple Legacy 30 pin Connector, Micro USB
  Redials the last number dialed and dialed number
   Connectors for any Android, Blackberry, etc (optional).
   disappear within 5 minutes for guest’s privacy
 • ProGard Keyboard; Our unique internal keyboard design 
  Up to 10 programmable service buttons.
   provides greater reliability than conventional designs.
 • VOL+ and VOL-
 • Redials the last number dialed. Dialed number disappears
 • HAC feature
   within 5 minutes for guest privacy.
 • RoHS, FCC approval
 • Guest service buttons can be programmed manually or using
 • Desk or wall mountable
   Bittel’s “Cloning” technology.
  Multiple colors optional for different hotel interior deisgns.

 • Portrait and landscape format optional for different hotel

  decoration needs.



Upright model :193×110×101(mm)

Low profile model:204×110×87(mm)   

Coiled line: 2.0m

Straight line: 2.7m  

Weight: 0.8kg   

Package (set/carton): 12Set/Carton

Quality Regulation System:  ISO9001

Landscape format optional

Optinal charge base

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