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MediaFi 4

Update: 2017/1/21      View:
  • Brand:    Bittel
  • Type:    MediaFi 4

MediaFi 4 as the forth generation of guestroom multi-media entertainment control device, it combines Apple iDevices dock, Samsung MHL connectivity, digital tuning FM radio, Hi-Fi Stereo speaker, multimedia connectivity panel and hotel phone and etc in one. It not only provides auto-sensing media access through TV but also provides charging for guests'portable devices. Telephone handset is only do as one part of MediaFi 4, but it can cover all the functions that hotel phone should have. 

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* Integrated all functions in one device.

* A beautifully integrated terminal that hosts SIP or Analog Hotel Phone, multimedia functions as well as conventional features

   of   multimedia panel that connects to TV.
* Unique MHL protocol micro-USB port for Samsung and Android mobile devices to connect to TV for audio-visual output and

   charge; Apple 30-pin and Lightning Pin for playing and charging.
* HDMI, VGA, USB 5V, 3.5 mm stereo, RCA composite which connect to TV.
* In-built radio, alarm clock and stereo speakers.
* Optional Bluetooth which allows incoming calls on guests'smartphones to be answered, and wireless transfer of music.

* Made of aluminium alloy that is durable and aesthetically pleasing.
* Baby LED weak lighting when room in dark.


 Specifications of the adapter Output:DC 12V 4A
 Electric current: Single: 5V 1.8A Two:5V 3.6A
 Extension length of the charging line: 38cm
 Voltage on work: DC 24-60V
 Specifications of the speaker: Φ40 3W 4Ω
 Standby power: 0.5W
 Rated power: 40W

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